Greece and China

Friday, July 10 2015

When markets are nervous they have a habit of interpreting all news negatively and of course the reverse occurs when markets are bullish.

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Grexit Mark III

Tuesday, June 30 2015

Further to yesterday’s short note on the on-going Greek situation, we highlight that the market’s initial reaction to the potential Grexit has been relatively benign. European markets fell 2% and there did not seem to be the panic that has been associated with other disturbances. We raise a number of questions: Have the markets become […]

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Monday, June 29 2015

In a surprise move the Greek government called a referendum for Sunday 5 July asking if Greece should reject the latest bail-out proposal by its creditors. The current government will be campaigning for a ‘Yes’ vote. The European Central Bank (ECB) has capped Greek banks’ emergency funding at €90b, but not withdrawn it as yet. […]

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