US Debt Ceiling Debate

Monday, October 14 2013

The debate around the debt ceiling in the US is once again dominating markets attention. The question we need to ask is whether volatility associated with this debate represents a buying opportunity or if it will present a risk of a major market disturbance.

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Monthly Investment Review September 2013

Thursday, October 10 2013

Early in the month equities rallied around the world as the US Fed pushed out its QE tapering process. This however came under pressure following some political standoffs and as such we will review the state of global economies, asset class flows, the US shutdown and briefly discuss key risks.    

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Monthly Investment Review August 2013

Tuesday, September 10 2013

This month we will review the potential impact of the election, provide an overview of reporting season, discuss the recent improvement in European economic data and briefly discuss key risks.    

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Monthly Investment Review July 2013

Saturday, August 10 2013

This month we highlight our expectations for the reporting season, while we also review key sectors and implications for our earnings outlook. We also draw attention to a key speech made by the governor of the RBA in light of our current portfolio positioning.    

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Visit to China

Friday, August 09 2013

Dalton Nicol Reid attended a CFA Institute conference in Beijing to listen to a range of experts on the outlook for China. Key speakers included Dr Marc Faber (Editor of investment newsletter Gloom, Boom and Doom), Anthony Neoh (former Chairman of the HK SFC and chief advisor to the CSRC), Dr Ha Jiming Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist of Goldman Sachs Investment Management Division) and Dr Clint Laurent (CEO Global Demographics Ltd).

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