Monthly Investment Review June 2013

Wednesday, July 10 2013

This month the market weakness continued following concerns for the domestic economic outlook and indications of slowing Chinese growth.  In addition the currency continued to weaken, which saw a continuation of international selling.  We address these major themes impacting the market and review major winners and losers over the past quarter.    

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Significant pull back in market presents opportunities

Monday, July 01 2013

Dalton Nicol Reid has said that market valuations are nearly 20% cheaper than two months ago thanks to the pullback in the market and the lower currency which at current levels adds around 8% to the profit of the market. This is presenting opportunities in a range of stocks.

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Market reacts to QE taper signalling

Friday, June 21 2013

In a continuation of recent trends the US market was soft overnight with all asset classes weak – gold, bonds, equities and the A$. The reason ironically is that the US has signalled that their economy is strong enough to start considering ending their quantitative easing which has supported their economy through the GFC period. The market is expecting that the level of monthly bond purchases by the Federal Reserve will reduce from US$80b a month to say $65b by the end of the year.

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Monthly Investment Review May 2013

Monday, June 10 2013

This month as a result of discussions by the Federal Reserve regarding the winding back of quantitative easing, we have seen a major shift in markets with the A$ starting to fall, US$ strengthen and bond yields increase. The Australian market has been weaker than the global market due to the weakness in the A$ […]

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US Fed Reserve minutes – markets react to potential QE taper

Thursday, May 23 2013

There were some significant moves in markets overnight with treasuries and gold falling and stocks retreating as the US Federal Reserve minutes were released and Bernanke gave his Joint Economic Committee (JEC) Testimony to the US Congress in the afternoon. The catalyst for the pullback was some comments regarding the potential for quantitative easing to be unravelled.

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