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DNR Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund

The DNR Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund is designed for investors seeking a medium-to-longer term investment focused on achieving growth, with less focus on generating excess income. The investor is prepared to accept higher volatility in pursuit of higher growth.


Introduction to the DNR Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund.

Investment philosophy

DNR Capital believes a focus on quality will enhance returns when combined with a thorough valuation overlay. It seeks to identify good quality emerging businesses that are mispriced by overlaying DNR Capital’s quality filter, referred to as the ‘quality web’, with a strong valuation discipline.

Investment strategy

The DNR Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund has an investment style best described as ‘style neutral’. The security selection process has a strong bottom-up discipline and focuses on buying quality emerging businesses at reasonable prices. The process involves comprehensive company and industry research, company visits and meetings, and detailed valuation analysis and modelling. This information is used to assess the quality of a business, and the expected return.

We define quality businesses as being those with the following five attributes:

  • earnings strength (particularly improving return)
  • superior industry position
  • a sound balance sheet
  • strong management
  • low environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk

Where the security passes this quality assessment then a range of valuation methodologies are used to identify value having regard for the industry and circumstances of the business.

DNR Capital seeks to invest in businesses which offer upside to the target valuation in excess of its market forecast and sit within a defined portfolio construction framework.

Having identified securities with attractive quality and value characteristics, consideration is given to risk characteristics such as the security and sector correlations of investments.

The portfolio construction process is also influenced by a top-down economic appraisal. A range of economic indicators are reviewed regularly and these measures are used to formulate an economic overview which provides a backdrop to investment decision making and influences portfolio construction.

Investments held in the Fund are formally reviewed by the investment committee which meets monthly and is responsible for reviewing Fund performance, Fund constituents, the economic overview and internally generated reports.

While the ultimate decision rests with the investment team, the investment committee provides a mechanism of accountability.

The investment strategy of the Fund is intended to result in a concentrated portfolio that is high conviction and invests for the medium to long-term.

For more information on the DNR Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund, please contact us on or refer to our monthly report below:

Click here to download the DNR Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund monthly report.


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