MF – INC – Unit prices & performance

DNR Capital Australian Equities Income Fund

Unit prices & performance

DateApplication PriceWithdrawal Price
2 April 20200.89150.8871
1 April 20200.9140.9094
31 March 20200.87350.8691
30 March 20200.88410.8797
27 March 20200.83410.8299
26 March 20200.87250.8681
25 March 20200.84170.8375
24 March 20200.79640.7924
23 March 20200.77860.7748
20 March 20200.84880.8446
19 March 20200.82610.8219
18 March 20200.87490.8705
17 March 20200.94340.9386
16 March 20200.91790.9133
13 March 20201.01841.0134
12 March 20200.98650.9815
11 March 20201.00251.0025

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