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Australian equities

DNR Capital is a specialist manager of Australian equities. Our investment philosophy is implemented by a top-down, bottom-up qualitative investment process to identify quality assets that may be acquired at reasonable prices.

Our investment style is best described as ‘style-neutral’ and high conviction. Our portfolios are concentrated with relatively low turnover.

We manage three Australian equities portfolios:

Listed property trusts

We have a strong history of successfully implementing our investment process to the Australian listed property trust sector, through the DNR Capital Australian Listed Property Trust Portfolio.

When applied to listed property trusts, our investment philosophy of buying quality stocks at reasonable prices is informed further by identifying those securities that have low debt levels, quality management with strong track records, stable investment portfolios and high yield, which includes a history of distribution growth.

Target Market Determinations (TMDs)

We are now required to make TMD’s in respect of each of our portfolios and services to ensure that they are made available to those retail clients for whom they are considered suitable based on a number of criteria. The TMDs also set out who can distribute our portfolios and services, how they can do this, and situations when we may need to review them and the target market.

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