MF – INC – Fund overview

DNR Capital Australian Equities Income Fund

Fund overview


Issuer and responsible entityThe Trust Company (RE Services) Limited as part of the Perpetual Limited group of companies
Investment managerDNR Capital Pty Ltd
Investment biasStyle neutral with a quality focus
Designed forInvestors who are seeking a greater level of income and who can make use of franking credits.
Investment objectiveThe Fund’s investment objective is to invest in a portfolio of Australian equities that aims to outperform the Benchmark (net of fees) and deliver higher levels of income relative to the Benchmark over a rolling three-year period. The investment objective is not a forecast of the Fund’s performance.
BenchmarkS&P/ASX200 Industrials Accumulation Index
InvestmentsAustralian equities and cash
Investment constraintsThe Fund will not invest in derivatives.
Investment guidelinesMaximum exposure to an individual security is 15% of Fund NAV.
Minimum exposure of 80% of the Fund NAV to be invested in the S&P/ASX200.
Asset allocation Australian equities – 80-100%
Cash – 0-20%
Number of securities held in the FundMin 15 – Max 30
Minimum suggested investment timeframe5 years
Buy/sell spread+0.25% / - 0.25%
Management fee0.90% p.a. (inclusive of GST and RITC)
Minimum investment amount$20,000
Minimum additional investment amount$5,000
Minimum withdrawal amount$5,000
Valuation and unit pricing frequencyEach business day
Application frequencyEach business day
Withdrawal frequencyEach business day
Distribution frequencyQuarterly
Distribution payment methodDirect deposit or reinvestment


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