Individually Managed Accounts

Individually Managed Accounts

DNR Capital is one of Australia’s leading providers of Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs). We have a professional investment team with a proven ability for managing portfolios across the major asset classes that historically have outperformed the market.

The DNR Capital IMA offers high-net-worth investors a transparent, flexible and tax-efficient private investment portfolio. Unlike managed funds, investing in an IMA allows investors to have complete visibility around the investments that are held in their portfolio, what transactions impact on their portfolio and what fees are charged to manage the portfolio.

The DNR Capital IMA can be accessed directly as a private client or via a relationship with an independent financial adviser. We may be able to assist you in locating a financial adviser in your area who has the ability to recommend our services.

DNR Capital provides portfolio management across the major asset classes, including:

Asset Classes


What is an IMA?

IMAs are investment portfolios managed to the particular objectives of each investor. Unlike managed funds, assets are beneficially owned by the investor, and are not grouped with those of other investors. An IMA combines the benefits of professional money management, with the flexible control and tax advantages of owning an individual portfolio. In addition, investors have the flexibility to tailor their own portfolio, advising DNR Capital of stocks that they may, or may not, wish to hold in their portfolio.

What are the benefits of an IMA?

  • Active, professional investment management of the portfolio: Ideal for clients who are comfortable with outsourcing portfolio management.
  • Investment choice and customisation: Portfolios are customised to suit clients’ individual needs, risk profile and investment strategy. The client can influence the construction of their portfolio, for example, if you do not wish to invest in gambling stocks, these can be excluded from your portfolio. This flexibility is not possible through a managed fund.
  • Transparency: Website access to portfolio reporting provides constant access to information about portfolio holdings, transactions and fees.
  • Tax efficiency: Beneficial ownership of investments allows for consideration of clients’ individual circumstances and greater tax-planning flexibility.
  • Accessibility, portability and flexibility: Existing Australian equities can easily be transferred into an IMA and provided there is no change in beneficial ownership, it allows investors to transfer their assets from an existing investment into (or out of) an IMA without triggering capital events.
  • Hassle-free ownership: All portfolio administration is managed by DNR Capital, including corporate actions, dividends, tax record-keeping and reporting.
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