Private clients

Private Clients

DNR Capital Private is our private portfolio management division delivering our investment expertise through an Individually Managed Account (IMA) to high-net-worth investors.

By investing in a DNR Capital IMA, clients will have access to the benefits associated with an IMA and enjoy access to key investment and business professionals from within our business.

Why Invest with DNR Capital?

  • We are pioneers in managed accounts: We have successfully delivered IMA solutions to our clients for over 10 years and are a leading Australian portfolio manager.
  • We are wholly owned by staff and management: We are privately owned and our only source of remuneration is the fees that we earn to invest our clients’ capital. We do not receive any fees for selling products and we do not get paid for buying and/or selling stocks. This ensures that our investment decisions are aligned to our clients’ interests. We are a truly client-oriented business.
  • We have a rigorous and proven investment process with superior performance: Our team of expert analysts and portfolio managers access the best research available and use a robust investment process to build and manage our clients’ portfolios. Our team  has consistently outperformed the market over the last 10 years.
  • We provide regular and comprehensive reporting of the portfolio: Information about all portfolio transactions and current holdings can be accessed at any time via a login to our secure website. We also provide portfolio-specific detailed six-monthly client investment reviews, quarterly statements and year-end tax statements.
  • We provide regular communication: Ongoing communication is important to us. To keep our clients informed, we provide monthly portfolio updates, notification and analysis of portfolio changes when they happen, monthly investment commentary through podcast updates and financial market updates.
  •  We provide opportunities to meet and speak with our investment professionals: Regularly reviewing your portfolio and the factors influencing it is as important to us as it is to you. Investment updates with the professionals who are managing your portfolio are provided on a regular basis.

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