Separately Managed Accounts

Separately Managed Accounts

Australia’s leading providers of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) turn to DNR Capital to deliver investment management expertise for their SMA platforms.

Separately Managed Accounts are investment portfolios managed by DNR Capital where the investor maintains beneficial ownership of the investments.

What are the benefits of a SMA?

A SMA provides similar benefits to that of an IMA, with the benefit of a lower initial investment contribution. Having beneficial ownership of the underlying assets in the portfolio allows investors access to the following benefits:

  • Active, professional investment management of the portfolio: Ideal for investors who are comfortable with outsourcing portfolio management to a professional.
  • Transparency: Website access to portfolio reporting provides constant access to information about portfolio holdings, transactions and fees.
  • Tax efficiency: Beneficial ownership of investments allows for consideration of clients’ individual circumstances and greater tax-planning flexibility. Portfolios do not inherit capital gains as may occur with investments into managed funds.
  • Accessibility, portability and flexibility: Existing investments can easily be transferred into (or out of) a SMA and provided there is no change in beneficial ownership. it allows investors to transfer their assets from an existing investment portfolio into an SMA without triggering capital events.
  • Hassle-free ownership: All portfolio administration is undertaken by the platform provider, including corporate actions, dividends, tax record- keeping and reporting.

How to access a DNR Capital SMA

If you are an individual investor, you will need to consult the services of a financial adviser to access the DNR Capital SMAs. DNR Capital may be able to assist you in locating a financial adviser in your area who can recommend our services.

The following SMA portfolios are available from DNR Capital:

These portfolios are available through a number of administrative platforms, including the following providers:

Click to view AMP Personalised Portfolio website

BT Panorama

Colonial First State

Click to view Linear website

Click to view Macquarie website

Click to view Onevue website

Click to view WealthPortal website

Click to view Wealthtrac website

Please contact these providers directly for further information on how to invest and obtain legal documentation such as a Product Disclosure Statement and other important information.

If you require further general information on SMAs, please contact us on

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