Monthly Investment Review September 2014

Friday, October 10 2014

The past month has been weak for Australian equities and bonds as markets anticipate the end of quantitative easing (QE). This has driven a sell-off in the A$ and resulted in offshore funds exiting higher yielding Australian assets. This month we explore whether this presents a buying opportunity for investors. We present the key risks […]

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Monthly Investment Review August 2014

Tuesday, September 09 2014

The month’s domestic news flow was dominated by the reporting season. In this regard we review the emerging trends and the stocks in our portfolios which delivered well received and poorly received results. Overall we are pleased with the progress of companies in our portfolio but we were hurt on a relative basis by the strong performance of companies we do not hold.

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A mixed reporting season has its hits and misses

Tuesday, September 02 2014

Returning capital to shareholders a worrying trend A difficult six months in a number of sectors has led to mixed reporting of Australian listed companies, says Jamie Nicol, CIO, Dalton Nicol Reid. “Our research shows that 36% of Australian listed companies beat market expectations and 23% of the companies missed market expectation in the current […]

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Monthly Investment Review July 2014

Monday, August 11 2014

In July most of the economic data globally has been better, yet commentary has been in regard to a selloff in markets. Therefore we ask the question whether “good news is bad news” in this month’s review.

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Dalton Nicol Reid says strong return available to KKR

Monday, August 04 2014

Treasury Wines has announced they have received a revised bid from KKR Rhone Industries which values it at $5.20 a share. Treasury are now allowing KKR to enter the data room which is a condition of the bid. Dalton Nicol Reid entered the company during the past six months having met its quality criteria.

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