Market Update

Wednesday, December 17 2014

Grinch has arrived this Christmas from a market perspective. We examine the recent weakness and share our thoughts going into the New Year.

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Oil Price Fall

Monday, December 01 2014

The oil price has fallen substantially in recent months with a marked acceleration in the last week or so. We have summarised the major factors influencing the decline below: OPEC decided not to reduce production in response to the lower prices with the market concerned they will seek to damage the outlook for competing energy sources […]

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Brisbane Storms

Thursday, November 27 2014

Please be advised that a significant storm has gone through Brisbane CBD this afternoon, 27th November 2014. Dalton Nicol Reid, in partnership with building management, has taken the decision to shut down production systems as a precautionary measure. This has been completed whilst power in Brisbane CBD and our building is being assessed. Dalton Nicol Reid systems […]

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Medibank Private

Tuesday, November 25 2014

Medibank Private has announced it will list at a price of $2.15. We elected not to participate at this price on valuation grounds. Specifically we note: The bidding process was well run ensuring a good price for the Government but not leaving much on the table for institutional investors who were encouraged to “bid hard […]

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