US Fed Reserve minutes – markets react to potential QE taper

Thursday, May 23 2013

There were some significant moves in markets overnight with treasuries and gold falling and stocks retreating as the US Federal Reserve minutes were released and Bernanke gave his Joint Economic Committee (JEC) Testimony to the US Congress in the afternoon. The catalyst for the pullback was some comments regarding the potential for quantitative easing to be unravelled.

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Monthly Investment Review April 2013

Friday, May 10 2013

As a result of the Japanese quantitative easing and low interest rates globally, markets have rebounded with interest re-emerging for companies which pay attractive yield. It is becoming apparent that bonds do not offer investors an attractive yield, and investors need to take on equity risk in order to receive a reasonable return. In Australia […]

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Monthly Investment Review March 2013

Wednesday, April 10 2013

The market finally had a pull back over the past month following a strong period of outperformance. This month we assess the current pullback to determine whether there are any sustainable reasons to suggest markets will see a mid-year downturn. We then look at major themes driving our positioning in the market at present, and finally […]

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