Thomas Malmstrom

Head of Portfolio Administration

Thomas has over nine years experience in the funds management industry and he joined DNR Capital in 2009. He is responsible for the portfolio administration team that delivers all investment transactions processing and record-keeping, corporate actions, asset transitions and client reporting.

Prior to joining DNR Capital, Thomas held a position as Trust Associate with Bank of New York Mellon in Dublin, Ireland. He spent two years as part of the structured finance team inside the bank’s corporate trust function. In this role he was involved with complex CDO portfolios, which have given Thomas valuable funds management experience, both at an operational and client servicing level.

Thomas previously spent time with Royal Bank of Scotland in Dublin as a team leader of a payment operations team. In this capacity he supervised executions of payment transactions domestically and internationally. The role provided him with a good blend of skills for operational security and efficiency.

Thomas has a Bachelor of Applied Finance and a Master of Commerce (Finance), both from Macquarie University in Sydney.

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